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by realfitnesswithjoe@gmail.com on February 7, 2014

Looking to Buy Les Mills Pump in The UK?  Than this is the place!

As you may be aware, Les Mills Pump is a program from Beachbody.  Currently, Beachbody only ships to The United States and Canada.  That poses a problem form people in The UK that want order Les Mills Pump.  Here is what I came up with to solve that problem.

les-mills-pump-UK YOU Can Get These Results In The UK With Les Mills Pump


As a whole, the program weights 40 lbs, (18 kg).  Because of that, the shipping is INSANE.   Here is what I have found.

If anybody orders retail in the US, the program comes around $200 USD with tax and shipping. Add in the shipping of the whole program (including weights and bar) and the price basically doubles.  However, if you would just like the DVDs and books, it will only be another $20 to ship the DVDs and books to you, totaling $220 (141 gbp).

I need to order the full program, but since you do not want it all I won’t charge you the whole thing. I can do it for $180 USD, which is $115 gbp. You would have to pay through paypal (below).  CONTACT ME is you have any questions.
– Joe


Beachbody Programs

Les Mills PumpAgain, this is for the Les Mills Pump DVDs and books, NOT the bar and weights.   The price includes shipping to The UK.  If you insist on ordering the whole package, please let me know and I will set it up for you. However, you would be much better off finding a local store, since the shipping is so much to send those items from The US.

COMMON QUESTION – Will you have to pay and duties or fees when you get the program?  I honestly do not know.  I have been shipping Beachbody programs to The UK for over a year now.  Some people told me they were charged a fee when they picked their products up, some weren’t.  I actually had a women order 2 bags of Shakeology.  They charged her for 1 and not the other.  I really do not know how they make that decision.

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