Les Mills Pump In Australia

by realfitnesswithjoe@gmail.com on February 7, 2014

If you are looking to buy Les Mills Pump in Australia, this is the place.  As a whole, the program weights 40 lbs, (18 kg).  Because of that, the shipping is INSANE.   Here is what I have found.

If anybody orders retail in the US, the program comes to about $200 USD with tax and shipping. Add in the shipping of the whole program (including weights and bar) and the price basically doubles.  However, if you would just like the DVDs and books, it will only be another $20 to ship the DVDs and books to you, totaling $220.  I need to order the full program, but since you do not want it all I won’t charge you for the whole thing.

I can do it for $180 USD.  That will get you everything except the weight equipment.  You would have to pay through Paypal (below).  CONTACT ME is you have any questions.
– Joe

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