Les Mills Body Combat

Do you enjoy Les Mills Body Combat?  Then you’ll LOVE this!

Combat Beachbody

That was Les Mills Combat, the Les Mills Body Combat DVD program from Beachbody.  Everything that you love about the classes at the gym without the aggravation of working out on their schedule, having to get there early enough for a spot, hoping the class isn’t over packed, and of course, the monthly fees.

What Is Included With Les Mills Combat?

  1. Les Mills Combat – The Basics:  This is where you learn the different moves (strikes, guards and stances) that you will be using throughout the Les Mills Body Combat DVD program.
  2. Combat 30 – Kick Start:  This workout is simple in terms of it’s complexity, but not in terms of it’s intensity.
  3. Les Mills Combat 45 – Power Kata:  This workout combines speed and power work with cross-training, to deliver incredible results.
  4. Combat 60 – Extreme Cardio Fighter:  This is a super intense high rep workout that is going to have your muscles burning (in a good way)
  5. 60 Live – Ultimate Warriors Workout:  I think the name says it all with this one.
  6. Les Mills Body Combat – Power HIIT 1:  If you are not familiar with high intensity interval training, be prepared.  You are in for an insane experience!
  7. Les Mills Combat – Shock Plyo HIIT 2: This is a chance for you to push your body beyond simple fat burning, and really increase your athletic ability.

How does all of that sound for a Les Mills Body Combat DVD Program?


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